Monday, April 8, 2019

Here's the latest latest

1) Enrolled in Marie Forleo's Business School (online)
2)  Found out WHY I wanted to have my own unique business - to bring more Magic into the world.
3) And now....

I get to create a new website.

Yippee! (And yeah, that was actually sarcastic.)

Yesterday it wasn't sarcastic. Yesterday, I thought it would as easy as putting a picture up on Blogger, which is how I'm doing this website.

But it turns out the "easy 5 minutes installation" requires me to actually figure out where my hosting is, and upload stuff and open other stuff. Easy is a relative term. 

And yes, a little exploration will indeed allow it to be easy - like doing taxes are easy, when one has a step by step list of directions. It's simply the expectation versus the reality that is difficult. 😊

Which is my way of saying.... I'm playing, and soon we will have something new and interesting to look at when you type in

Yay! (that was not sarcastic.)

I hope you're having a great day!


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