Friday, October 5, 2018

Hello, Again


Just a quick check in - "this is what I'm doing now"

* daily (mostly) video logs on my daily practices - thoughts or focuses for the day
* working on a Happiness book/video set  - putting the philosophy, practices, and creation "on paper."
* yoga, meditation, journaling, singing, celebration, connection with friends, rituals
* tidying up Destiny Foretold - chapter are going up as they're available
* planning out Destiny Revealed - which is the third in the Destiny series
* planning to go back and revise Destiny Unbound, so it will include all the cool new rules and titles and relevant bits that have appeared to make Destiny Foretold.
* bookkeeping & creative assisting for physical clients
* creating meditations to help reveal possibilities and shift perspectives
* dishes, laundry, reading, kokuro, Haven, video games
* writing poems, creating cards