Saturday, October 18, 2014

It's about time!

Okay, it's about income flow, actually.

But it IS about time I made it easy to find my books, yah?

I have finally added the links to online stores.  So now, from the UnicAllen home page you can be immediately whisked to the proper site (lulu, amazon, or b&n) for book purchase - trade or electric.  Whoo hoo!  ("It's electric!  Doot do, doot do, doot do do, doot do!")  Someday, I may even add the cover pictures right on this site.  Gooooooo Lila!

Also, I added "tip me" buttons to the blogs.  Now you can express your appreciation for my creativity, wisdom, and/or entertaining learning process.  Goooooooooo You!

Special Thanks to Tara Gentile ( for her gentle 2x4 - 
and I paraphrase -

"You need to create a way to receive income." 
 (What, you mean it won't just fall from the sky when the reader laughs, cries, or nods in agreement?
  What is the world coming to?)  

and thanks to Natalie MacNeil ( for hosting the interview through which the 2x4 was (gently) applied.

Meanwhile, Destiny Foretold is in the editing stages (if it actually makes it over the internet to the right person.)  It did not win the contest to which it was submitted, but I did receive some nice feedback.  And I have decided to actively search (again) for a publisher/agent/publicist/ someone to help the books achieve their destinies.  Self publishing was awesome - I really enjoyed the creative process, but I want more!  More time to actually write, more people to read my books, more book signings, and more adoring (and therefore highly intelligent) fans.  

More travel.  More things to write about.  More happiness.

Step by step, I move forward, and create more and more happiness.  
For me, anyway (she types with a grin.)

I hope you're having a great and productive day, also!