Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Yes, you read that correctly. I am going to Wales. To celebrate all of the above, and more, to celebrate myself.

I  have long wanted to go to Wales; partly because it's seems to be the underdog of the British Isles. After all, people talk about Scotland and Ireland, but rarely do I hear someone rapture over Wales. Even authors tend toward the romantic Ireland or historic Scotland.

One author did write about Wales; her pen names were Charlotte MacCleod  and Alisa Craig. She had a series which featured a Canadian Mountie who was born in Wales. And in one book, we went to visit the old homestead. And she talked of music. How everyone was musical, in one fashion or another.

A land of music? Color me hooked! Even Ivor the Engine is part of a choir.

Then one day I had the fantastic idea of hooking up two obsessions - writing and Wales. I found a writer's retreat which included food and lodging, and I signed up. Whoot!

But then I realized, I wanted more. Call it a spiritual pilgrimage. A friend gave me a little plaque that said, "You are Braver than you know." And I thought, yes. Yes I am. I am ready to be seen. And I want to find out all the things I can be.  So. I am going to Wales:

There may be posts; there may be pictures; there may be total silence. We will see. I will allow it to be amazing.

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I happily receive.

And, I'd just like to say...