Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Back again

 So, that did not turn out the way I planned. Hoped? Thought.

So I am back to playing here, on my own sweet little website. I have no desire to do or be or give or take anything. Just be happy, enjoy myself, play in the vortex, and let GOD deal with the rest of the world.

There will be posts. There will be music. there will be... 


Best of all, there is joy.


Monday, April 8, 2019

Here's the latest latest

1) Enrolled in Marie Forleo's Business School (online)
2)  Found out WHY I wanted to have my own unique business - to bring more Magic into the world.
3) And now....

I get to create a new website.

Yippee! (And yeah, that was actually sarcastic.)

Yesterday it wasn't sarcastic. Yesterday, I thought it would as easy as putting a picture up on Blogger, which is how I'm doing this website.

But it turns out the "easy 5 minutes installation" requires me to actually figure out where my hosting is, and upload stuff and open other stuff. Easy is a relative term. 

And yes, a little exploration will indeed allow it to be easy - like doing taxes are easy, when one has a step by step list of directions. It's simply the expectation versus the reality that is difficult. 😊

Which is my way of saying.... I'm playing, and soon we will have something new and interesting to look at when you type in

Yay! (that was not sarcastic.)

I hope you're having a great day!


Friday, December 28, 2018

New year, new classes -

Okay, technically they're not new classes, but it's a new venue - Face Book live.

My plan this year is to do classes on Happiness (aka Magic, Spirituality, Prayer, Love, Energy work). I actually have a list of dates in my calendar and lesson plans! Now I have to work on promotion and all that fun stuff.

I also intend to be continuing the newsletter, and posts on Happiness, and whatever else comes to mind and possibility.

I hope you're having a great year!


Friday, October 5, 2018

Hello, Again


Just a quick check in - "this is what I'm doing now"

* daily (mostly) video logs on my daily practices - thoughts or focuses for the day
* working on a Happiness book/video set  - putting the philosophy, practices, and creation "on paper."
* yoga, meditation, journaling, singing, celebration, connection with friends, rituals
* tidying up Destiny Foretold - chapter are going up as they're available
* planning out Destiny Revealed - which is the third in the Destiny series
* planning to go back and revise Destiny Unbound, so it will include all the cool new rules and titles and relevant bits that have appeared to make Destiny Foretold.
* bookkeeping & creative assisting for physical clients
* creating meditations to help reveal possibilities and shift perspectives
* dishes, laundry, reading, kokuro, Haven, video games
* writing poems, creating cards



Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Yes, you read that correctly. I am going to Wales. To celebrate all of the above, and more, to celebrate myself.

I  have long wanted to go to Wales; partly because it's seems to be the underdog of the British Isles. After all, people talk about Scotland and Ireland, but rarely do I hear someone rapture over Wales. Even authors tend toward the romantic Ireland or historic Scotland.

One author did write about Wales; her pen names were Charlotte MacCleod  and Alisa Craig. She had a series which featured a Canadian Mountie who was born in Wales. And in one book, we went to visit the old homestead. And she talked of music. How everyone was musical, in one fashion or another.

A land of music? Color me hooked! Even Ivor the Engine is part of a choir.

Then one day I had the fantastic idea of hooking up two obsessions - writing and Wales. I found a writer's retreat which included food and lodging, and I signed up. Whoot!

But then I realized, I wanted more. Call it a spiritual pilgrimage. A friend gave me a little plaque that said, "You are Braver than you know." And I thought, yes. Yes I am. I am ready to be seen. And I want to find out all the things I can be.  So. I am going to Wales:

There may be posts; there may be pictures; there may be total silence. We will see. I will allow it to be amazing.

If you wish to contribute to my celebration, please hit the Paypal button up top, and enter the amount you wish to give.
If you wish to send good vibes, happy thoughts, joyous tidings, please send them to

I happily receive.

And, I'd just like to say...

Saturday, November 12, 2016

hello! I'm really working on it!

Hi, hi, hi!

I am working on an introduction video - I am, I am!

And I have two places I do workshops now!
And various places I do readings, and bookkeeping...

I have been listening (On and off, cuz of, you know, the desire to actually have some breathing time) to She Takes on the World - and there was an excellent Conquer Sprint I was sort of a part of. I have some good information I am trying to put into practice.

So things are moving forward! Yay!!!! Hope to see you around the site. *G*


Friday, July 8, 2016

Let there be transformation!

 Welcome to my creative process. (insert big, slightly loopy, grin here,)

Obviously, if I'm going to be coaching life styles, I want my website to represent me and my helpful, transformative work. The website it a tool, for my use.

So now I just have to figure out how I want it to work. (Whee!)

So please do not be dismayed with the variety and changeability of the next days, months or years. A key part of my practice is making choices, and then saying no and trying again.

Happily, there is never a wrong choice - simply ones that match the need, and ones that don't.

Here we go!